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Michael Kors
Michael Kors brings the luxury industry to a new stage and has succeeded in shaping the concept of self-expression and distinctive life and distinguishing the brand from the classic American luxury brands of the past. Michael Kors has become an American luxury Style of the representative. At present Michael Kors in the world 89 countries already have more than 500 stores, while distribution to the world's top department stores and global stores.

Michael Kors's brand essence is Jet Set. 60 years Jet Set's good time is the United States ladies enjoy the golden age of life. Morning in New York, at night in Paris, do not care about the perfect makeup, wearing sunglasses, you can start at any time. Just for a meal of tea, there is a reason to leave the luxury of leisure, not only the meaning of the jet travel around the world, the most important thing is comfortable to do their own, and their flat shoes get along happy.

Compared to today's fast-paced life, they are the pioneers of the year. Jet Set means that you should choose to adapt to the fast-paced fashion life dress, whether you want to take a private plane or shuttle the city bus, should always be ready, shining debut.